About Us

The Studio for the Performing Arts, Inc. was founded in Newark, NY in 1997. Our goal is to give students a dance education in an environment that is structured, challenging, rewarding, and encouraging while promoting the love of dance. We meet various dance abilities with an array of well-disciplined classes. We boast two large rehearsal rooms, all with full-length mirrors and barres. We also offer a wide range of fitness classes and a separate workout training circuit.

Why choose SPA’s Dance Program:

Our dance program has been serving Newark and the surrounding communities for 20 years. Here at SPA we, the staff, are dedicated to the education of all of our students from age 2 to adult.  We love to dance and it is our goal to share this love of dance with our students.

It is important to us to give your child a solid dance education; in an age and ability appropriate class.  Our students are taught proper dance terms, movements, and body mechanics. By giving our students a well-rounded dance education they will have the necessary tools and confidence to attend outside dance opportunities; rather it is performing with another dance company or a higher education in dance.

Dance opportunities outside the classroom:

  1. SPA offers a Pre-Professional Ballet Company that performs a full-length ballet each spring; and biennial performances of The Nutcracker. Our ballets are held at the Smith Center for the Arts in Geneva, NY.
  2. Our Dance Team is performance based, team routines may be performed at community events or at competitions.
  3. Guest Instructors- it is our goal to invite guest dance educators to enhance the education of our students; we believe that every teacher brings with them a new and different insight of dance to our students.
  4. Our End of Year Recital is a special time for our students to shine. This opportunity allows our students to share what they have learned throughout the year with their family and friends.

Observation/Free Class: 

We are happy to have a prospective student participate in a class at no cost, parents are also welcome to come and simply observe a class.  We are proud of our students and staff members and encourage new students to come see for themselves, a “picture” is worth a thousand words.


Our dance year runs from September – May (9 months). SPA’s tuition rates are based on this yearly figure, divided into 9 equal payments. You will find a description of each class, cost, and attire under the Dance Class and Specialty Dance Class drop-down menus at the top of the page.


To officially register you will be given a form to indicate your choice of classes.  The registration form indicates the required fees to participate and when they are due. You will also be given a financial agreement, medical waiver, and picture waiver; to complete your registration these forms must be signed and returned to us along with your class choices.

To discontinue your program you will be required to submit the cancellation in writing or by email, prior to the 1st of the month. Until we have received such notification you will be financially responsible for payment until such notification is received. When your communication is received we will calculate what is due to date, if you indicated you would participate in the recital you will be required to pay for any costumes purchased to date. If you are on a payment plan a recalculation will be made to reflect the date of your cancellation.

Due to recital preparations and respect of our fellow dancers and instructors, NO cancellations will be accepted after April 1st.

Payment Options:

  • Payments are offered where you can group all of the dance fees together in one lump sum and make monthly, bimonthly, or weekly payments.
  • You can pay monthly on the 1st.
  • Payments can be made via direct debit or via credit card
  • If you wish to make alternative payments please make arrangements with the office before fees are due.


  • If you have tow family members enrolled we will discount your tuition fee by 5%. For each additional family member, you can add another 5%
  • If you are enrolled in one of our Pre-School or Dance Programs you can take one of our specialty dance programs at reduced cost. For example, if you are taking Dancing Tots and you wish to add the Pre-School Acro class, instead of paying the normal fee of $55 for Acro you can add it to your dance program for $25.
  • If you pay for your tuition in one lump sum at the beginning of the year we will give you a 10% discount (does not include any other fees i.e. costume fees). This payment in non-refundable.

Recital Fee(s):

  • Each costume is $80 (+$6.40 tax) for each style of dance you take (we will supply you with recital tights).
  • A performance fee ($35, 1st student, $10 for each additional)
  • Special shoes if required
  • Pictures- we make arrangements for a professional photographer to come in and take recital pictures if you wish to purchase you may. Your student, at no cost to you, may participate in the group shot.


Fundraisers are offered at the studio to assist you with your cost of dance, these are optional. Fundraisers are done for our Dance Program, Ballet Company, and Dance Team to help offset the fees.

Other Fee(s):

  • NSF fees for any returned transaction, electronic of check return- there will e a $30 fee for each transaction.
  • Late fee of $15 will be processed for a payment that is overdue by 10 days, to be applied monthly until the fee is paid.

Dress Code:

A dress code is required for both our students and our staff members. For class attire and shoe requirements for each class please refer to the specific class in the drop down menu above. Females- NO bare midriffs are allowed, tops are to be cut appropriately. Booty short are allowed only over leotards (if your teacher allows it). Tights are always worn unless you are allowed to wear jazz pants. Males- Shirts are always required, leotards and tights (or Black Pants). Acro participants wear tops that will stay in place when you are inverted. The classroom teacher has the right to ask you to remove or change your attire if they feel it is not appropriate.

Safe Environment:

It is important to us that our students, parents, and staff are safe both emotionally and physically in our classrooms, everyone is responsible for this environment. SPA has the right to remove any individual from our program or premise that cannot comply with this.


  • No cursing, smoking, drugs, or alcohol is permitted on our premises.
  • Parents, students, and staff members are expected to follow the golden rule.
  • Do no post to any social media pictures or videos of any staff members or fellow students without the consent of all concerned.
  • No videotaping of choreography without the permission of the choreographer.
  • No videotaping of fellow students without their permission.
  • No cell phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, etc. allowed in the classroom without permission of the teacher.

In our time of technology, electronics can be a safe and useful tool for teaching. They can also be used inappropriately and we ask that you adhere to these policies to protect the privacy and rights of others.


If you ever have any questions or concerns in regards to your child’s classes, progress, or finances please talk to us. We are always willing to sit and discuss any issue and help with clarification and come up with a plan that works for us all.