Circuit Fitness

SPA circuit fitness offers the opportunity to workout on circuit equipment in a friendly environment. In just a 30 minute workout this circuit allows you to work every major muscle group and burn up to 500 calories through strength training, cardio, and stretching. With the machines having  hydraulics you can go at your own ability. Come in and check it out for yourself, remember your first workout is FREE! You will go at your own pace and the instructor will take her time and show you how to use the equipment properly and will not leave you until you are comfortable with each piece.


  • $240 yearly with a contract payments $20 a month

  • $82.00 Quarterly

  •  Enhanced Membership Fee $45.00 monthly or $125 Quarterly includes Circuit and AM  Zumba/Cardio & Yoga classes

Note: We accept Silver & Fit insurance and can reimburse for Silver Sneakers

*Remember the Circuit work out is 30 minutes long so you must be in 30 minutes before closing!

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