Meet the Staff


Heather Colletti

Heather is part owner of The Studio for the Performing Arts along with Phyllis Mouton and JoAnna Mott. She is the credited director and principal choreographer of the following SPA productions: The Nutcracker (1998-2016), Wizard of Oz (2017), Alice in Wonderland (2016), Sleeping Beauty (2015), Peter Pan (2014), Peter and the Wolf (2013), Aladdin (2012), Snow White (2011), Alice in Wonderland (2010), Hansel and Gretel (2009), Cinderella (2008) Peter Pan (2007), Th e Wizard of Oz (2006), Th e Dream (2005),Giselle (2004), The Tales of Beatrix Potter (2003), Swan Lake (2002), Coppelia (2001), and Sleeping Beauty (2000).

In the fall of 2006, Heather became the Artistic Director of the newly founded Studio for the Performing Arts Ballet Company. Having begun her training at the age of five, it was not long before Heather realized her true love for ballet. Heather’s extensive classical ballet training coupled with the desire to educate others has brought her to the remarkable place she is today. As a teacher, Heather’s intent is to provide an enriching atmosphere in which her students feel free to be creative and express themselves through positive reinforcement and encouragement. Providing a high-quality program is paramount to Heather so her students can develop artistically, physically, emotionally and intellectually. “I dance, teach and choreograph with the purpose to boost my students’ self-esteem and to assist at every opportunity the development of their imaginations.” Heather is fueled by Christ and the love and support from her

Heather is fueled by Christ and the love and support from her 3rd-grade pen pal, now husband, Jared, and their four children Isaiah, Sedessa, Leah, and Simon.


Phyllis Mouton

Phyllis is part owner of The Studio for the Performing Arts, Inc. and has been an active participant with the SPA Ballet Company Ballets since 2006. Phyllis sees her role in the Ballet Productions as coordinating for all of the artistic team and assisting them in accomplishing their goals and ideas. This can be as simple as taking over a rehearsal, shopping for specific materials for props, organization of paperwork, and setting up advertisements, communicating changes or deadlines. Phyllis’s primary goal for the productions is to provide a venue that fosters for the participants of the ballet a memory that they can remember in years from now, as fond yet rewarding experience, a performance that the children in the audience will always remember and adults are glad they came and will want to return. Phyllis feels that it is truly collaborative effort by all artists involved and she is honored to work with such a talented Team.

Joanna Mott

Joanna Mott

JoAnna is one of the three owners of “The Studio for the Performing Arts” and is a credited choreographer and instructor. JoAnna mainly teaches tap & jazz in all ages but also teaches ballet. She is a choreographer for the SPA Dance Team and our Competitive Dance Teams. JoAnna is a credited choreographer in the following ballets: Th e Wizard of Oz (2006), Th e Dream (2005), Giselle (2004), The Tales of Beatrix Potter (2003), Swan Lake (2002), Coppelia (2001), Sleeping Beauty (2000), and The Nutcracker. The Studio for the Performing Arts is a registered retailer for Capezio, and JoAnna is the resident buyer. JoAnna believes each young person is an unwritten story and she enjoys and takes very seriously the opportunity to be an author on the slate of each child’s life. “I want them all to have fun but also to learn to express themselves through DANCE.”

Brittney Bowman

Brittany Bowman

Brittany has been with SPA for twenty-five years. She started her dancing career with the studio at the age of three. Now at the age of twenty-eight, she has been teaching for eight years. Her years of training at SPA has helped her to become the teacher she is today. She has helped choreograph student audition pieces for college and has had multiple dances go to competition earning scores from Silver to Gold. Providing her dancers with a professional knowledge of dance while still keeping it fun is what Brittany aims for in her career. She hopes that she can instill the same amount of love that she has for dance in every student that she teaches.

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Mary Dinan

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